Place to Visits / Things to do

If you are running short of ideas about what to do in Bangkok,
then maybe a good bet is to imitate what most other tourists are doing, which includes:
  • Visiting Siam Ocean World at Paragon
  • Watching Muay Thai at Lumpini Stadium or Ratchadamneon Stadium
  • Flying though the jungles from the tree top zip-lines at the Flying Gibbons at
    Khao Khew Open zoo
  • Visiting Suan Sampran for insights into rural Thai traditional ways of life,
    and also for elephant rides
  • Visiting the crocodile farm
  • Visiting the tiger zoo
  • Visiting the snake farm
  • Joining the temple tours
  • Having dinner on the river cruise
  • Spending the day at floating market at Damneon Saduak or Ampawa
  • Taking a day trip to the ancient city of Ayudhaya

For more information, Budacco guests may look through the tourist guide
available in your room, or inquire at our front counter.