Massage & Spa

There are many (more than 30) massage shops all around Budacco.
They are generally well- enjoyed by Budacco�s visitors as a good way to freshen up and
getting rid of the sores after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. Kids may enjoy
the fish spa, where swam of little fish nib on the dead skin cells on ones ankles and
feet, resulting in tingling sensation during the session, and a lighter feel after that.

We cannot recommend exactly which massage places are best because different guests
have different preferences, and the skills of the massager vary individually,
not according to the shop. However, we will recommend 2 rules of thumb:
(1) choose a place that looks well managed, clean, and have hospitable staffs, and
(2) look out or inquire about massage therapist certifications, usually on display
near the front of the shop. If you follow these 2 rules, you can be sure that
you have found a properly trained massage therapist.
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