Cultural & Religious

Thailand�s most predominant religion is Buddhism, with a hint of Hindu and ancient
Bhramin influence. Therefore one can expect to find lots of Buddhist temples
all over Thailand, and all temples will have a very distinctive feel that is
uniquely Thai. All Buddhist temples welcome any worshippers as well as casual
visiting observers. Visitors to temples should be mindful to put on conservative
clothing, i.e., shirt, long pants, and shoes for men, and unexposed blouse,
below the knee pants or skirts for women. Public displays of affections should be
limited to just hand holding.

Learned visitors to Thailand may appreciate temple visits for the opportunity to,
if not only to worship, then inasmuch to soak in the scenic view of the unique
cultural environment, as well as to appreciate the fact that the temples� designs,
cultures, and practices is reflective of the unique blend of the influences
such as Thailand geographic locations between China and India, Thailand�s history
as a trading center where Europeans, Indians, Chinese, and South East Asian traders
meet, and also Thailand�s populations comprising of early settlers before 1800s
(local Thai), and later settlers from China, India and Europe.

Some visitors interested in learning about some aspects of Thai culture may look into
participating in short courses in meditation (available in English at Wat Pho),
Thai massage, or Thai cooking.

Famous religious and cultural venues near to Budacco are the Erawan Four Face
Buddha Shrine, and the Suan Pakkard Palace Museum. Visits to other famous cultural
places like Wat Urun, Wat Pho, and Damneonsaduak floating market can be arranged
at Budacco�s front office counter.

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